Committee of Education and Scientific Researchresearches and studies

Status of education and higher education in Iraq after 2003

Prof. Dr. Yarub Al-Douri

Chairman of education and higher education committee



A review of education and higher education in Iraq for pre and post 2003 is presented. Personal efforts, UNESCO references and other have been relied on and utilized to explore the hidden facts of educational cases for the period of 2003 and ongoing. This study has been divided into two divisions. The first is education into schools has detailed the attendance and dropout rates, buildings damage, curriculum and school bad behaviours are elaborated. The second is higher education that has been taken into consideration since 1950s until 2003, thenafter the changes in higher education for post 2003 that imposed the academics to leave Iraq are submitted, followed by main challenges, political violence, threats, assassinations, enforced disappearance, danger and freedom absence are discussed. The university education and scientific research are studied in comparison with the regional and world levels.

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