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Medjool Date Palms

Hassan Khalid Hassan Al-ogidi

member of Agricultural Committee

 in Iraqi Forum for Intellectuals & Academics

The origin of Al Medjool palm is the Arab Maghreb as this brand was very-well known and usually offered to high-class people and senior personalities and the visitors of the Moroccan Kingdom, but as a result infection of the Moroccan oasis with Al Bayoud disease which devastated a significant proportion of the kingdom’s palms at the time and, in a step to save the palm trees this brand was presented to the USA and at the same time the UN Food and Agriculture Organization ( FAO) had established the regional research center for palm and dates for the Near East and North Africa to conduct studies and research and give support in the developmental programmers for palm farms in the dates-producing countries and thus, studies started in the USA, France, Britain and other countries by reproducing palm using tissue culture.

Medjool Date Palms

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