Health situation in Iraq before and after occupation

Adel Khudhur Abdulazeez aldori

Chairman of health committee




It is known, in public, that before last 3 decades, the Health Situation in Iraq was one of the best, at Middle East level. Enough capitals were allocated thereto; hospitals were duly equipped with then modern equipments and medications. During such era the Government of Iraq used to offer free medical care and therapeutic services via public health institutions.

Most of worldwide constitutions have room for Human Rights to live in healthy environment to fulfill public needs and enable them to live happy and secured life. The community, through the government, guarantees such right by offering health medical care to individuals, which was set out in all Iraqi Constitutions. The provisional Iraq Constitution in 1964 set out firmly the Iraqi people right to obtain the medical care through establishing all types of health facilities. Moreover, the provisional constitution of 1970, enjoined on the Government to protect the Public health via sustainable expansion of free health services offered for health treatment and preventions.

Enjoying health care is a right for each Iraqi individual to enable him acquiring the physical, mental and social integration in addition to the limitation of diseases and sickness. In order to reach such target, each person in Iraq shall benefit of the health care which is based on sound practical & technological method and in the same accepted by the targeted community and to be in line with its financial capacity. Besides, treatment and prevention are considered major components that are adopted by the Iraqi Government to offer medical care to the public since birth until death. This worked to make happy life available to all Iraqi People at that era. The Iraqi government, since its first beginnings in the 20s of last century, worked hard to offer free medical care to its citizens and such issue was confirmed in its law and legislations.

The Health system in Iraq was at that era based on public hospitals as private hospitals contribution in such services were few; some minor hospitals distributed in many of Iraqi regions and used to offer its services against, relatively, high expenses. Such issue imposed on the public health institutions heavy burden, since the 20s of this century until 2003, represented by allocating huge amount of money to fulfill the public health needs and services. The Government associated with the most important foreign companies, sought to establish hospitals and equipped thereof with medical supplies and equipments, qualified and trained teams; i.e. Ben Al Khateeb hospital which was established in 1962, and was specialized in treating the communicable diseases, Endemic diseases and un-diagnosed fever. The foregoing hospital was subordinate to the armed forces, then subordination was transferred to the Ministry of health. The First obstetrics hospital was established in Baghdad in 1956 which was developed in 1969 under new name; i.e. Al Olwiah Obstetrics hospital. In 1975 new born section has been opened which was the first section established in the Middle East. In 1989 the Government developed that hospital and opened new buildings, nursing school for delivery which were appended thereto.

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