Agriculture and Irrigation Committee

Groundwater Hydrology in Iraq


1-Sabbar A. Saleh,  2-Nadhir Al-Ansari  and 3- Twana Abdullah



In the current work, the spatial distribution of the precipitation in Iraq were reviewed, as it is considered as one of the most important parameters that controls groundwater recharging. In addition, the physiographical divisions of Iraq had been assessed as it is contributing in determining the groundwater aquifers, as well as a review of the division of the main groundwater aquifers. Subsequently, a review of the level and depths of groundwater, the regional trends of its flow, the variation of its specific quality (especially salinity), and its suitability for multipurpose, throughout of the Iraqi territory had been conducted. The characteristics of each region were highlighted separately, including the detailed aspects that relate to the groundwater recharge, quality flow of groundwater, the hydraulic characteristics of the groundwater aquifers, the problems facing the groundwater sector, and the development of recommendation in terms of the optimal investment and development of groundwater resources in each region.

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